A Profile of
Hot Property®

From Chicago Agent
Volume 2, Issue 24
December 8, 2005
Hot Property is a new innovation in the real estate industry led by Chaz Walters. Although the company was recently launched, the Hot Property brand has been marketed since the 1990s. It stands for success, action and willingness to go the extra mile for clients and service. This unique boutique residential real estate office offers an opportunity to be a step ahead of the industry. They provide the latest in technology to each agent and marketing from cutting edge billboards to public relations to advertising campaigns in all of Chicago's publications.

The Hot Property's philosophy is to enable agents to reach top levels in performance. Hot Property offers a very bright future for agents who want to get back to the basics and feel empowered to do their job, be part of a driven team and have fun.

Hot Property is bringing together the best of both worlds - the knowledge of established real estate leaders and brands with the edginess, drive and passion of entrepreneurship.

Following a close to 15 year career at Coldwell Banker, Chaz decided to open an office that eliminates the obstacles and road blocks that all sales people face in large organizations. Hot Property fosters a people driven philosophy and facilitates a culture of working closely with clients to buy and sell real estate and surpass client's expectations.

Chaz is one of Chicago's leading residential real estate sales agents with average annual sales of 50 million. He has established a reputation in the real estate market for action and excellence nationally as well as locally. When he decided to launch his new company he knew there was one critical piece - the right leadership. He went back to the only managing broker he respected who gave him the support, guidance and quality of life he was looking for - Cheri Davis.